Foot surgery aka Bilateral Excision of Morton’s Neuroma IE a big fat tumour on a nerve in each foot.

Two years later, I still have pain and cannot wear high heels for longer than a couple of hours.

The pain is nerve damage – twitches – cramps – electrical impulses that feel like tight rubber bands around my toes.

Yoga and pilates can have good days – the bad days are excruciating and leave me limping.

For decades, I ignored warnings and vainly bragged about how I could do anything in heels including run long distance.

I lived in heels so I could feel taller and more powerful in meetings despite sitting down for most of them.

Towering over males who were trying to lord it over me made me feel good.

Now I regret my devotion to Western Foot Binding and wish influencers like Meghan Markle knew more about the impact of promoting Western Foot Binding ‘fashion’ footwear.