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Ticketyboo: A secret in plain sight

Ticketyboo: A secret in plain sight (2022) is a feature documentary I wrote, directed, and co-produced. The social impact campaign is about making the world a more dementia-friendly place starting with shopping centers. It’s also the focus of my PhD.

Ticketyboo is screening in multiple international festivals and earned Special Mentions, Finalist status and Best Documentary wins.

Please donate to the 2023 impact campaign via Documentary Australia Foundation via the QR Code. All donations are fully tax-deductible and funds go to piloting the DemSafe® initiative which helps making shopping centers more dementia-friendly.

For more information get in touch with me via the Contact page.

Get the film

To see the film and make your community more dementia-friendly, you can host a local screening via the Ticketyboo website.


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