Speaker | MC | Q&A Panels

Being a versatile screen and print journalist with a research Masters means I can help craft content, follow a brief and have a cache of real world anecdotes to offer. Tales from behind the velvet ropes and getting a backstage pass to the front line of the Middle East war are examples of value-add material with optional audio-visual content that can add colour to your event.

Interviews | Voice Over

I’ve interviewed 500+ politicians, filmmakers, ordinary people doing extraordinary things right through to the common garden variety criminal. My YouTube channel has racked up more than 1.5 million views because of my unique approach to interviews with a particular skill in crafting questions that invite character-revealing responses.

Writer | Producer | Director

On the development slate is Ticketyboo: a Secret in Plain Sight (dementia documentary & VR), diverse dramas and comedies with a female-focus and social impact VR experiences.  Feedback often includes ‘I hadn’t thought about it like that before’ which satisfies my creative desire to engage and connect audiences with community and themselves. It’s all about the story.