Festival director Nashen Moodley continues to evolve the SFF into the most intriguing and beguiling international cinematic experience. The 2016 slate of screenings is astounding with too many highlights to cram into a single blog.

There’s Almodovar Julieta, Viggo Mortensen in Captain Fantastic, the Freak Me Out showcase and Beyond Reality: Down The Rabbit Hole – a number of immersive VR experiences happening every day at various venues around Sydney.

It’s best to say less and see more. Here’s what I’ll be checking out: 

Swiss Army Man

Remember Weekend At Bernie’s? Well, corpse-acting has evolved since 1989 with Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano now exploring what it means to be alive and dead together.

 Sing St

An energetic, feel-good portrait of discovering love in 80s’ Dublin. Deliciously awkward.


Love & Friendship

Imagine Downtown Abbey if it had been written by Oscar Wilde.  This is a classy, elegant, artful comedy of etiquette and contrived social rites of passage.



Even if you don’t have an itch, people want to hold you down and scratch it in tickle competitions and clubs.  Did you know tickling was on the ‘maybe pile’ of torture tactics for a particular nation?



A South Eastern Asian bride moves into the home of her new Nordic husband and his adult son.  Love and loathing.  Sex and deals.   


Letters From War         

This is one of the most poetically scripted films and beautifully shot films on the SFF 2016 screening slate.


The Lure

Two mermaid sisters swim out of the sea and into a Warsaw nightclub.  It could happen.

The 2016 Sydney Film Festival is on 8-19 June with various ticket packages for sale and free events at various venues in a short radius from the CBD.  Enjoy 🙂