I just had my first MC gig using the Global Event Talent platform and wow. It’s a game-changer.
G.E.T. is an online platform that directly connects clients with talent and it’s free to have your profile on it.

Deal Direct with the Client – No Middle Person
On Thursday, a client found my profile on G.E.T and sent me a message. We agreed on the fee then I hit a button and it generated an agreement. There are fields where I added clauses about covering transport expenses. They automatically went into the agreement then I hit ‘send’. On Friday, I had a meeting with the client to finalize the brief. Then on Tuesday, I was on stage at the Opera House as an MC for a global brand with the Sydney Youth Orchestra behind me.
Payment was made within a week of the gig and direct into my account without a middle-person taking a cut. G.E.T charges the client a fee separate to mine. This is not a secret deal – it’s transparent for all stakeholders.

How it Works
The G.E.T team set up a basic profile for me first then I spent an hour modifying it. There’s a calendar where I can block out dates I’m not available.
What’s also great is that I can change my profile content such as images and information any time I want. Since finishing a post-graduate research degree at UTS focusing on documentary and VR practice, G.E.T has made it easy for me to showcase new specialty topics I can deliver. I’m updating Guest Speaker and Keynote topics as I do more stuff. After 3 successful conferences about my work so far, I’m keen for the success of the G.E.T platform so I can be visible to more potential clients online.
It’s like I’m selling myself without having to do any more promotion once the profile is active.

G.E.T. the Disruptor
With no time to chase work, I love how G.E.T. is disrupting the traditional way booking agents, talent and clients work with one another.
Like filmfreeway.com disrupted and streamlined the process of getting films into festivals worldwide, and Uber disrupted localized taxi industries, G.E.T is a new technology and approach to an existing business model. It’s taken 4 years of development, patented here in Australia with pat-pending in the US and Europe.

If you’re a speaker, MC, comedian, sporting legend or performer looking to get more gigs and control the process – get onto G.E.T.

This is an Authentic Endorsement
G.E.T have not paid me. I am a new devotee and voluntary advocate. I raved to them about their platform and offered to share the good news.