The Bliss Series – Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Bliss Sanctuary for women creates a wonderful comfort zone for guests and also offers opportunities to step outside that comfort zone too.

I opted to head into the hills of Ubud for an Eco Bike Tour that included a visit to a place where the Balinese make coffee out of wild cat poo.

It’s a catPOOcino.

Expensive, time consuming to make and, sadly for the civet, means being kept in a cage.  

(Our species sure loves keeping living things in cages.  
For humans, it’s called jail.  It’s a punishment.  
Why don’t we see it as a punishment in a jail when we do it to animals?)

The civet is a nocturnal creature – here’s the one I met during daylight.  He’s sleeping.

And here’s what they look like when they’re up and about scoffing coffee berries.

Humans collect the poo-laced coffee / coffee laced poo and turn it into a hot bev for humans.

Avoid the sludge at the bottom (of the cup, not the civet).