Interviewed Cate about How To Train Your Dragon 2 with the director.  Jeffrey Katzenberg put in a big pre-Oscar campaign to win the top animation award – which went to Big Hero 6.  Feedback from Katzenberg via a colleague at an Australian TV network was that I was a sensational interviewer.  I would donate an ovary to science fiction to be interviewing again as I’ve done it all my life since university and it’s still my favourite thing to do.  I love people’s stories and making them feel comfortable telling them.  I must explore more opportunities in this arena.

Oh yeah – in Cate’s study, I saw all her major award statues.  They were on a low shelf of a book case – the second shelf from the floor.  I thought this was great and asked the housekeeper if Cate put them there so her children could see them and touch them.  She wasn’t sure but thought it was a lovely idea.  I do too.  Cate has a lot of incredible, valuable  art – floor to ceiling.  It was a joy just to sit and appreciate it all while the shoot was set up inside.