The Bliss Series – Daily Treatments Instantly Change Everything

After having Balinese Customs officers go through all my belongings, ask me about the three boxes in my luggage (which did not exist) then swab me with a magic wand that would show traces of drugs, bombs or other illegal items, I was the last passenger out of the airport.

Right there with my name in big letters was a Bliss Sanctuary driver – one of a small dedicated transport crew who I could call on to use any time for as long as I wanted.  When I go out for dinner, the driver will wait for me.  And a security guard will wait up to make sure I get back inside Bliss Sanctuary safe and sound.

So I arrive at Bliss, tired and slightly annoyed by the overly thorough Customs examination.  Shar – one of the two concierge styled hostesses was there to greet me with a fresh fruit mocktail and a 90 minute welcome massage.  Wow.  That changed everything.  Next, Shar invited me to the banquet dinner around the big table and to meet the other guests.

Sydney was already a long way away.

I was in Bliss now.
Canggu, Bali.
And my time to rest and rejuvenate had begun.

Massages, reflexology, cream baths for the head and a host of other healing activities are available every single day.

Day 1 – I kicked off with a Balinese massage.
Day 2 – Reflexology and a Thai massage.
Day 3 – Balinese massage again.
Day 4 – Reflexology and a pedicure.
Day 5 was my last day and I was in a quandary – what final treatment did I want?


I lingered over the a la carte breakfast menu and went for Nasi Goreng.  Then when I skipped ahead to the lunch menu, I noticed the salad selection for the first time. Wow!  
Q – How did I miss these?  
A – Jumping at the first yummy thing I saw without reading the menu all the way through.
One of the most valuable things you get from the treatments is the extensive experience of the Balinese Bliss practitioners.  With decades of training built on centuries of trusted technique, they know what they are doing and exactly how to make you feel good again.

For my money, the SE Asian healers are the best in the world – Korean and Thai reflexology have no competition and Balinese full body massage masterfully realigns both body and soul.

Outer and inner bliss is easy to find at Bliss Sanctuary for women in Canggu, Bali.