He's the Carl Williams of superheroes.
He's a zero hero – nothing super at all about him.
Hulk has anger management issues.
He has the body of someone who abuses massive doses of steroids.
Hulk can't get it up in bed because if he gets worked up – he can't control himself and bad things happen.
He isn't smart or savvy – his method is thoughtless, uncontrollable brute force.
And Hulk has a gangrenous skin condition that really needs medical attention and a nuclear-strength ointment.
Hulk ain't no Iron Man with a Tony Stark deep inside.
He's just a big dumb nob who reminds me of Mike Tyson.
My genius bro pointed out that the reason Hulk isn't incredible – or even credible – is because of his pants. 
A 32 inch waist can't suddenly expand into a 400 inch waist then back to a 32 inch waist – and he still be wearing the same pants.
That shit just doesn't fly.
He's right.