Airline tickets sold by the kilo. 
I have been wishing for this day. 

When my 58 kilogram body and my luggage are added together to determine my true and accurate ticket price, then sanity will replace the current faulty and dangerous policy regarding excess baggage charges. 

If the plane needs all luggage weighed in order to fly properly and safely so that everyone arrives with a landing they can walk away from – then how come people aren’t weighed too? 

I have paid excess baggage charges of AUD$10 a kilo for having 25 kgs of luggage instead of 23 kg.  Yet I weigh 58 kg. 

And someone checking in behind me might weigh 80 kg and still have 23 kg of luggage – yet no extra charges.  Does his or her extra body kgs above mine come into consideration when calculating the safest weight of all passengers and baggage on the flight?

It does not.

But Samoan Airlines is doing it – read the article here.


I hope this catches on so the the true weight of any passenger and their luggage can be calculated so the true safe weight of the plane can be determined before we take off.

Otherwise, planes will crash – and we will all end up being The Biggest Losers.