I’ve seen some footage of the new Tom Cruise big budget blockbuster Edge Of Tomorrow (EOT) and yes – there is a Groundhog Day element.  

But EOT is not a comedy.  Neither does it star a groundhog.  

But it does have Emily Blunt co-starring with Tom The Transformer.  


The film’s tagline is:  Live. Die. Repeat.  
Perhaps inspired by the directions on a shampoo bottle.  
Hey, why not?  I get all my great ideas in the shower.  

Doug Liman directs.  I’ve liked his previous work – The Bourne Identity, Mr & Mrs Smith, Go and Swingers.

RATING:      Tom Out Of 10

[I’ve only seen a portion of the film so a numerical rating is Mission Impossible 6 at the time of uploading this blog.]

One thing I can say – ‘Tom trumps Travolta’ when it comes to aliens and the battlefield.


Edge Of Tomorrow hits Australian cinemas June 5.

Here’s the trailer so you can get a feel for it: