If you don’t have access to a loaded gun as a way to solve a problem, you won’t use a loaded gun as a way to solve a problem.

Make some of these fatal conflict resolution options unavailable, then people have to work within the boundaries and parameters of what is available.

It’s obvious to any rational mind with the most basic understanding of maths – that guns do not result in a a happier, safer, less fearful community.

And I’m feeling compassion fatigue for paranoid parents who accidently shoot their own kids then cry about it.  Their actions say they have elected to bury their children yet they keep the gun safe.  Perhaps they would be happier if it was the other way round.

Old saying – the two most common elements in the universe: hydrogen and stupidity.

Follow @GunDeaths for a grim update of gun deaths in the US.  They just tweet each fact without the cause or comment.

But for all the misery that the development of gunpowder has brought to so many living creatures on the planet, there is one joy that it brings. 

Hearing the collective sighs and ‘oohhhs’ and ‘aahhhs’ across a city full of strangers who are connected for that short time simulatenously enjoying the colour and spectacle of fireworks – the only humanely legitimate use of gunpowder – brings s tear to the eye. 

It sounds like a mass orgasm.

That bit makes me 🙂