Penguins were the darlings of the screen a few years back – March Of The Penguins won an Oscar for combining chilly, white antarctic life with the warm choccy caramel voice of Morgan Freeman.   They also were the surprise hit highlight of the Madagascar movies and hit more heights in Happy Feet.

But now – it’s the time of the dragons.  I’m loving watching those three multi-taloned hair dryers grow up on Game Of Thrones and I’m looking forward to meeting the sleeping gold-addict at the end of 2012 in The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug.  Oh, what Smaug could teach those bubby Game Of Thrones dragonettes!

Legolas is back (?)

The elves look beefier. 

Gandalf is still pessimistic.

There is a spider in the trailer – though not a Shelob-sized arachnid.

And dwarves doing damage.

Get your eyes on this: