THE REBOUND is about about a grown man who lives at home with his mum [and dad] and falls in love with another mum [a milf] and travels the world to return to – both his mums.  Not sure if he finds himself – or the symbolic child within.  Not sure if he's sure either.

Anyway – the movie stars Catherine Zeta Jones as the woman who's still got it while Justin Bartha plays the pup trying to work it all out.  It's the latest celebration of the cougar phenomenon – but with less of the one night stand stuff and more of the deep and meaningful feelings that are associated with real love.

Hard to say why Catherine Zeta Jones decided to do a rom com like this – it's a Cinderella story for single middle-aged mums.  It's kind of like a PRETTY WOMAN in reverse and back to front.  She's Princess Charming and he's Cindafella.

One of the upsides is that you can play 'Spot The Art Garfunkel' game – he plays a guy called Harry.

The movie left me feeling ambiguous – did it end creepy and weird?  Or am I creepy and weird for thinking it ended creepy and weird?

Can someone go see it and let me know?
It's in Australian cinemas March 18.