WOW!  I just ejected myself from the cinema and wondering if it's too late to join up with Blackwater now that Geroge W Bush is outta the White House.

The Losers is a crime thriller with delicious black comedy elements and has perfect casting.

It's about a bunch of CIA black ops specialists who get betrayed, left for dead then as fugitives have to find out who set them up and come out winners.  Not an easy task cos these guys are The Losers

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is up there with my fave actors like Ian McShane.  Jason Patric surprised me with his hilariously cold-blooded take on the super-villain.  All he needed was a white Persian cat to stroke then strangle (I know that's not funny but Jason Patric might have pulled it off in the fictitious world of film).

The production is dazzling and well-directed by Sylvain White who obviously loves slo-mo-heroes-walking-to-camera shots (think Tom Cruise in John Woo's Mission Impossible 2).  White's vision makes action and stunt work seriously sexy.

The dialogue was laugh out loud funny with Chris Evans getting the man-sized portion of comedia lines and cool t-shirts to wear.

And Oscar Jaenaada was superb as the lone Latino cowboy sharp shooter with the cool hat, the calm hand, the keen eye and the best job in the mercenary business – sniper.  Long distance and no splashback – that's my kinda job. 

The soundtrack choices were not obvious in their juxtaposition with the extreme action on screen – nice touch.  Good songs too.

All in all – a great film to see on the big screen with some death scenes I haven't seen before – won't say too much here other than I was applauding when the bad guys were getting smashed in new and original ways that could not have been cheap to shoot.

The A Team is the next misfit specialist movie coming out soon and it's got its work cut out to surpass The Losers

I might add though – that film buddies Alicia Malone and Giles Hardie did not share my enthusiasm.

What can I say – The Losers is my kinda movie.