My love of bears is finding its natural direction.

This is a short bit of vision of a recently rescued cub.  She was taken away too soon from her mum and will stay with another two cubs so they can socialize together.

A rescued Sun Bear cub in the Free The Bears sanctuary, Cambodia.

I’ll have plenty more videos and photos to share very soon.

In the meantime, put a visit to the sanctuary on your travel to do list.  They have a program called Bear Keeper For A Day.  You can do things like the afternoon Scatter – hiding food around the sanctuary so the bears have to forage and find it.

Check out and stay tuned for more of what I did in Cambodia with the Sun Bears.


The Free The Bears sanctuary in Cambodia rescues Sun and Moon Bears from lives as often neglected pets, cramped cages on bile farms, being cut up in restaurants for fresh dishes such as bear paw soup and the cruel practise of dance.  [Music is played and the cubs are forced onto hot coals until they learn to ‘dance’ ie hop around without the coals as soon as the music starts to play.  It’s believed to bring good luck.]

They are endangered.

Lots of fun events to raise money for their veterinarian care and general wellbeing are happening in 2014 – Beers For Bears in Cambodia and a sexy one in Sydney in March.  I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime – who wants to come with me to Cambodia next trip and be a Bear Keeper?