The ad for these sex TVs was cleverly disguised as Latin. 
I knew the 2 weeks at high school studying that pretty much dead language would serve me some day.

Also seen at the Vatican – a sign that reommends two ways you can use the stairs.

And some disturbing antique sculpture of children. 

Here’s one assaulting a goose…

…these kids are clearly distressed.

Maybe mum and dad have left them outside the pub to mind the horse and cart while they are inside knocking back a couple of ales and having a wee flutter…

(S E X in the lower insignia would not be considered rated G by modern standards.

And this just seems to sum up how hard life was for a kid in ancient times.

This street sign indicated carrying large hyphens is hard work.

So if you’re not religious or just creeped out by religious art or even religion itself – you can choose to obey this sign which told me to flee the scene.

I just formed an orderly queue behind my shopping bags and got some gelato.