This makes my blood boil.  Humans put animals in zoos [prison] and charge money for us to view them and be amused.  

We are a repulsive species at times.  And I have little sympathy when jailed animals ‘go bad’ and attack humans.  
Check out the new doco called Blackfish [trailer below] then think about those polar bears on the Gold Coast.  

They are arctic creatures forced to live in a hot country.  In the wild, these bears roam around a 200km radius.  

Now they live in a prison that is little more than a giant fridge.  And people line up, pay and view their prison conditions.

Pointing.  Staring.  Taking pictures and video.  

No matter how ‘appropriately’ the artifically cooled jail cell is decorated, these beautiful, wild creatures just have to cop it sweet and make the best of their situation.  

We all should watch documentaries instead and stop feeding the cruel tourist trade of putting animals in jails.  Then as you exit through the gift shop, do not buy the stuffed toy versions of the bears in jail you just witnessed.  Stop buying this shit because your money contributes to the zoo prison system.  

And if you think this is harsh – try finding a bit of empathy and put yourself in their position.  Really have a go at feeling what your life would be like with maybe one family member for company.

Locked up together.  

Eating what you’re given.

Stared at, pointed at, photographed and video taped every day.  

Until you are dead.  

Zoos are jails and must be phased out.  Humanity needs to grow up and stop acting like the world is one big amusement park at our disposal.  

I hope Blackfish creates a shift towards this.