Sex & The City 2 was themed with the female mid-life crisis of menopause.

Shrek 4Ever After 3D is themed with the male mid-life crisis of fatherhood.

Is this all there is?  Maybe.  But it might also be worth keeping.

Okay – the characters…

Puss In Boots – the morbidly obese feline steals the show.  Is he still hot?  Course he is.  And he knows it.

The other scene stealer – Gingerbread Dude.

Donkey is still superb.

And the 3D really does add to the already top notch animation.

The 4th movie is better than the 3rd – does a bit of time traveling to make it work but that's okay.

Remember one of the Alien sequels was called Aliens?  Same thing applies the the 4th Shrek movie.  It all makes sense when you see it.

Jon Hamm is Don Draper in Mad Men and he's starting to show up in a few features – a bit part in The A Team – now an ogre called Brogan who has a helluva chiselled jaw – much like Don Draper in Mad Men (Movie Extra is getting the entire 4th season to screen very soon – stay tuned). 

The villain this time in the 4th Shrek movie is Rumpelstilskin and he's a horrid tricky little turd but with the same amount of charm as Lord Farquaard from the first movie.   He's like a cross between a leprechaun and an angry jockey.

If you like the Shrek movies, you'll like the 4th and the soundtrack is warm and fuzzy.

It's good to see a romantic comedy that shows love doesn't have to be mushy to be real- unless you're laying around in a swamp.   Then mushy love is beautiful.