There are in no particular order.

1   Kick Ass – well shot actioner with a tough aspirational pre-pubescent role model for women of all ages

2   The Kings Speech – perfect script, perfectly directed with perfect performances from a perfect cast

3   Get Him To The Greek – freed us all to rejoice in rock piggery all over again

4   Tangled – an inspirational musical with non-cheesy songs with a script for adults and kids

5   Wolfman – always had a soft spot for a tortured canine humanoid which is what Benicio del Toro is

6   Exit Through The Gift Shop – who can resist the ‘Jules Assange of graffiti’ tagging himself in a documentary?

7   The Social Network – the well-written rags to riches story of a geek who transformed the humble address book into an ever-expanding universe of ‘friends’ while making billions along the way is inspirational stuff.

8   Animal Kingdom – the all-Aussie cast scared us straight – straight to the box office and straight into the spotlight of major awards shows right across the world.  Who says crime doesn’t pay?

9    Machete – okay, I know I’ll be alone here but I love high grade B grade and the scene that will achieve cult status is Danny Trejo escaping a hospital leaping out a window using some intestines as a rope.

10   In The Loop – bitingly funny action satire about politics.  This little comedy delight was like the TV show Yes Minister on steroids.

Now what were your faves?