The people calling for Abbott to ‘bring our boys home’ from the firing squad in Indonesia remind me of the rabble calling for the freeing of Barabbas from the death penalty over some comparatively peaceful and guiltless guy who ended up copping the death penalty on a cross.

Using Chan and Sukumaran as the poster ‘boys’ (they’re men, not kids) for an anti-death penalty campaign is like hitching a rowboat to the Titanic.  It also shoots the campaign in the foot in terms of public support.

Trying to push the purported Christian values of Australia and the line ‘thou shalt not kill’ is imperialistic and insulting to the judicial and religious systems in place in Indonesia – which that nation has a sovereign right to determine. 

The death penalty may be an archaic way to mete out justice but it does provide a 100% guaranteed cure for re-offending.  And let’s face it, drug dealers / traffickers rarely commit those crimes once.  Chan and Sukumaran strapped kgs of heroin to people’s bodies and bullied those who had second thoughts.

People trotting out the ‘Save Our Boys’ ad sound just as archaic and similar to medieval missionaries shoving their beliefs down the throats of other cultures.

There are plenty of people on death row who may be innocent and would better serve the anti-death penalty campaign.

Australia (the white part) was founded on the backs of UK convicts.  Generations later, descendents now show outraged ‘mercy’ for two modern convicts.  There’s an ugly poetry in that.

The rabble never wises up and sees beyond history repeating itself. 

Yeah go on, ‘free Barabbas!’

Jimmy Barnes sang in Cheap Wine – ‘on the needle she was crucified’. 

That’s a death penalty too, you know.

Australia does not know better than Indonesia and has a hideous track record of handing out the death penalty like poisoned lollies #indigenousgenocide

Wise up and brush up on your diplomacy.