If you want to work, give yourself a job – that’s what Mel Gibson has done by writing, producing and starring in Get The Gringo.

This is a great genre flick – action + revenge with a mild love sub plot  that might be the kind of thing you’d expect from Rodriguez or Tarantino.

It’s having a red carpet premiere – at Video Ezy – in the US.  Yup – straight to video/dvd.  This is a shame cos I really liked it but the good news is – it’s getting a cinema release in Australia on May 31.

One amusing thing is the prejudice attached to the word ‘gringo’.  It is a Spanish / Portuguese slang term for ‘foreigner’.

Is Mel having a wee joke at his own expense by referring to himself with what is arguably a racist term?

Is the title ‘Get The Gringo’ an open invitation to have a red hot go at persecuting the out-loud-and-proud prejudiced performer?

Big questions indeed – but you won’t care when this movie gets going because it’s a fun ride that does give a dark insight on what kind of an entrepreneur you need to be to survive in a Mexican prison.

Or – how to survive being Mel Gibson.


Here’s the trailer: