If you think Tony Soprano was a vicious mafia figure – check out the role Gandolfini plays in True Romance

I have a strong stomach for scripted screen violence because it isn’t real.  But the beating he dished out as torture to get information from Patricia Arquette made me cringe. 

So what scares the actor who scares the crap out of everyone else? 

Gandolfini didn’t reveal all to Barbara Walters.  He did it on Sesame Street

He was also great in The Mexican with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts.

And in a previous blog, I reckon he should have gotten the Best Supporting Oscar (nomination and award) for his role in Killing Them Softly.

What do you think Gandolfini’s best role is?

Sadly dead at 51, will be sorely missed on screens, but we have a body of brilliant work that will last forever.

He was a classic and is now a legend.