Walked out of JUST GO WITH IT starring Jen Aniston after 73 minutes.

Worst movie so far this year.
Worst rom com so far this year.
Worst on screen couple so far this year.
Worst kid actors in a movie so far this millennia.
Worst script.
Worst comedic reactions.
Worst attempts at romance.
Worst goofy sidekick mate.
Worst wardrobe on Adam Sandler (what plastic surgeon lives in giant tourist t-shirts every single day for every occasion?)
Worst waste of an Oscar-winning actress – Nicole Kidman should choose her cameos more carefully.
Worst waste of my time this year.

It’s rare for me to be so put off by a cinema experience but if I give a chunk of my time to a movie, I want something chunky in return – and I do not mean the desire to bring up chunks.