Peter Helliar (pronounced Hell Yeah) has written a beautiful first feature film about mateship and love.  It’s a Bromantic Comedy.  A Brom Com.  A Bromance.  It’s not a chick flick.

And I love it too.

Megan Gale did well in her first role – sublimating her own famous persona enough to create the character of Italian supermodel Francesa Moretti.  Some may think it’s not a stretch for a real model to play a fictitious model.  That’s superficial.  In fact, it’s harder to play a role similar to who you are because the line of fiction and reality is easily blurred.

Brendan Cowell is a charismatic, loveable leading man ably supported by Peter Hell Yeah who plays his best buddy – revealing it’s tough to find love when you hang around the guy who always gets the girl.

Mentions must be made of all the cast – Yvonne Strahovski (Alice) got the English accent so downpat I was surprised to learn she was a Bra girl (well, kinda – her parents owned a house in Maroubra.  She doesn’t have the 2035 tatt.  Yet.  There’s still time.)

Travis McMahon is a talent to watch – ever since he came to some fame via a lead role in Cactus.

And I particularly liked the buxom brunette who played best bud to Alice but there’s no mention of this actress in the production notes L

Now let’s talk about Peter Dinklage.  He’s smart, funny and gut-wrenchingly heartbroken in this film.  He reminds me of George Clooney and Clive Owen.  I don’t know why.  Maybe someone else can explain it.

It’s a strange but human thing to struggle to say what you really mean.  Actions don’t always speak louder than words.  And the reasons we find it hard can be convoluted and complicated.  It’s a virtue to be patient with such struggles.

So what do you say when someone says, “I love you”?

When those words have been said to me, I like to be quiet and still for a moment so they can hang in the air without the clutter of too rapid a response.

But a response of some sort must be made.

I've said odd things such as, “why?”  “How long have you felt like this?”  “What a shame.”  “There's probably an ointment you can get for it.  “Perhaps acupuncture might be of some benefit.” 

Maybe I should have said something as simple as “I love you, too.”

This movie is in cinemas from May 6.