Will the MH17 disaster put powerful fingers on big triggers?


Events around the MH17 disaster are starting to resemble the triggers of war we’ve seen before.

Look at the history of the inciting incidents that led to The Great War, World War 2, the Korean War, the Vietnam / American War and the Iraq / American War – and it appears we are following a blueprint.

The first casualty of war is the truth.  This is more than a cliché, it’s an essential element to get conflict underway.  Lies provoke misunderstandings that drive national agendas on an international stage.

How To Start A War – 101 

1)            Lie

2)            Establish war as the only option

3)            Invade / attack

How To Start A War – Advanced

1)            Facilitate attack on home soil

2)            Establish war as the only option

3)            Invade / attack

When it comes to who started a war, the question to ask is not ‘who is to blame?’ but ‘who benefits?’

Spin doctoring has evolved into an artful science that can transform an initial ‘lie’ into a full-blown media campaign that manipulates opinion into support.  Case in point – the Bush Administration used the Weapons Of Mass Destruction lie to serve their multiple munitions business network interests and to distract the public from their daily issues with education, medical care and employment.  The trick is to create a bigger monster and unite the people in the face of that common enemy.  We were given the Global War On Terror to take our minds off our daily grinds.

Bill Maher reveals the greater malady:

A schoolyard tactic often played by warmonger nations is to play the part of the bully, challenging another nation to ‘hit me first, go on!’

Fear is an essential ally to the Lie.

World War 1 was fuelled by a fear of Imperialism and Russia re-structuring its military.

World War 2 was fuelled by a fear of Fascism and Hitler re-structuring its military.

Vietnam / American War was fuelled by a fear of Communism and gave the US a reason to re-structure its military.

Iraq War was fuelled by a fear of Islam and Hussein re-structuring his military.

Now, Putin is doing some re-structuring at home, too.

Add to fear-mongering all the business agendas that are served by war and the topic explodes into something bigger and more complex than I am going to explore in this particular blog.

Not to be flippant or glib about the tragedy of MH17, I can’t help wondering which of the following may be fact.

The MH17 disaster is:

a)   a terrible accident – the result of mistaken identity in a war zone.

b)   a deliberate act of war – the result being innocent human collateral damage.  The fact that some of the deceased are from 1st World nations including scientific philanthropists as well as many children ensures international attention.

c)    a random event that will be turned into an inciting incident for global conflict – the possible result of a protracted and devastating GFC. 

d)   a scheduled action by big business who delayed a deliberate act of war – until the result of the World Cup final.

[Option d) is for the cynics, absurdists and conspiracy theorists.]

To get a good idea of the pattern of events that result in wars – check out: The American Use Of War Pretext Incidents.  

It’s an enthralling examination of how the big wars of the 20th century went into production.

Consider it in the context of the MH17 disaster and it gives a disturbing feeling of de ja vu.

The next big war could be gearing up right now, worldwide. 

It took the atomic bomb ‘testing’ on Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the world to down tools and stop fighting.


What will it take next time?


Here are some 30 second video + text news items by NowThisNews – a favoured app – that provide further food for thought.

Russia Building Spy base In Cuba: Headline Of 1961 And Today

History – the Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the high points of the original Cold War where fingers hovered over ‘big boom’ buttons.  Who knew we would be headed for a new version of The Cold War?

Obama Hits Putin Hard With Sanctions

History – this didn’t get good results when the Treaty Of Versailles slammed Germany extreme poverty.

Unconfirmed Radio Chatter May Reveal Who Shot Down The Plane

History – unconfirmed ‘facts’ and speculation promote misunderstanding and misinformed public opinion that may be manipulated by those who benefit from war. 

Plane Crash Devastates AIDS Research And Activism Community.

History – Tragedy of worthy and innocent lives lost.  The assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie in 1914 incited WW1.

Blame Continues To Be Thrown Around Over MH17

History – finger pointing leads to fingers on triggers and bully bomb buttons.