The Bliss Series – Stepping Into A Comfort Zone.  

Just days before heading to Bliss, my life was turned inside out with a monumental legal battle that involved a sudden expensive lawyer, an 11th hour injunction at the Supreme Court and in the space of 2 business days, spending a high 5 figure sum to save a 6 figure business investment.

The anxiety was more than I felt when I was a war tourist in the Middle East and in range of daily bombs and bullets.

Sure, in the Middle East I could have lost my life.
But in Sydney on Black Friday – December 5 – I could have lost my ‘life’.
So sleep and food-deprived, I boarded a flight to Bliss Sanctuary For Women in Bali.  

Bliss is all about rejuvenation and regeneration.  Months ago, I was booked into the sanctuary thinking my stress-free life would have a good ol’ holiday. – whatever you want or need to feel great.

(BTW – I’m not getting paid to promote Bliss.  Though after Black Friday, paid gigs are preferable 😉
Who knew this recent crisis would create an enormous need in me for exactly what Bliss offers?

The key to immediate relaxation at Bliss is what you get as part of your chosen package – massages, manis, pedis, cream baths – a whole range of treatments you can have every single day.

As soon as I arrived, I was massaged then invited to join the other guests for a scrumptious Balinese dinner banquet.

I didn’t have to make any plans to feel good again – Bliss would take care of all that for me.  And it’s working.
It’s truly blissful relief.  How can stress hang around after a 2 hour massage, a full body exfoliation which I affectionately call the ‘rub ‘n’ scrub’ and an intense bout of reflexology with lunch served at the end?

Stay tuned – more experiences in the Bliss Series to come:
– my first tarot reading in 20+ years
– the Cream Bath treatment
– drinking catPOOcino 
– the 4 handed massage
– meeting my very own Ketut