Since posting about my perverse pleasure of getting into size 6 jeans, I was hit up with PMs asking me how I did it. 

So or anyone else who was wondering, I thought I’d post how it happened. 

One day, I simply decided to eat just enough to take hunger pangs away. 

That way, I could continue to eat whatever I wanted because I was removing the option to over-eat. 

It’s a First World luxury to eat until you are full.  And often times, we have had enough to eat long before the feeling of being full is triggered. 

A few truths you may also want to know:

I’m not a medical professional. 
I didn’t go on a diet. 
I didn’t hear about this from anyone else.
I was not overweight to begin with – I was a healthy size 10.

Yes – I do exercise.  More walking than running since I displaced my left patella but that doesn’t hold me back.  I also do free weights at the gym and some yoga here and there to stretch out the muscles that the weights tighten up.  But I have been doing this since I was a teenager.  So I didn’t increase my exercise to go from a size 10 to a size 6.

Hunger pangs are very distracting – but so is having an overly full belly.

Eating just enough to stop hunger is the only variable in my life in the last 6 months so I know the decision to do this has worked for me.

It does take some mental discipline at first.  But it’s a good discipline to develop.  It’s okay to have enough in life.  Excess is a disease.

Knowing when enough is enough is not generally encouraged in western and First World societies.  We are encouraged to ‘have it all’.

Well, I say my own paradox is better, healthier, more realistic and more true:

You can eat anything – but not everything.

You can have it all – but not all of it.

Greed is not good.