Flickerfest is one of those enduring extraordinary unique film festival events that is worth taking leave from your life to attend – because you’ll understand and love your life even more profoundly after exposing your soul to the art on screen.

I was lucky enough to be a juror last year for the International Competition – this year, I got lucky again.  I’m a juror for the Australian Competition along with Mad Bastards producer David Jowsey and actor / filmmaker Damian Walshe-Howling.

A highlight of the Opening Night slate a 1976 classic The Absent-Minded Waiter starring Steve Martin.  His performance reminded me of the work of the great Peter Sellers.

I really want to talk about the Australian films in competition because the art and cinematic story-telling I’ve seen so far have taken my breath away.  I won’t even mention any stand-outs at this point because it wouldn’t be fair but I will say this – after all the film judging and juries I’ve been a part of, the 2012 Flickerfest Australian Competition is the one that will break my heart the most.  And it’s because there’s no limit to the talent on screen – but there is a limit when it comes to prizes and awards, dammit!

Flickerfest is 21 years old this year and celebrates this great milestone with its nationwide travels in coming months then finishes up in Bali thanks in large part to Rhett Hutchence.

The tireless, passionate work of Bronwyn Kidd and partner Shane Rennie provides a great service to film worldwide and specifically the Australian film industry by ensuring Flickerfest happens each year.  It’s the only Australian short film festival that is BAFTA-recognised and Academy Award® accredited.

Get down to Bondi Pavilion and see real cinema art right up until January 15 then check the website for national tour dates https://www.flickerfest.com.au/home.aspx culminating in Bali May 2012.