Money + Fear = Hilarious Stupidity

If you have enough cash and are terrified of a global catastrophe, you can invest in:

A Floating Disaster Shelter

An Emergency Disaster Pod

Take a road trip around the dystopic wasteland in your own Eco Emergency Camper

Maybe you’re scared of too much sun – so invest in a Solar Disaster Shelter (stock up on sunscreen too)

Or if another ice age hits – you can’t go past the Emergency Refuge Igloo


Is this the best way to invest your money and allay fear of the future?

Do you really want to live in a world that may be re-classified as a ‘dead planet’?

And what will ‘surviving at any cost’ really mean, when you emerge from your million dollar escape pod into the world you once knew with no drinkable water, no vegetation, no sun protection, no other edible food sources and with – perhaps – friends that are a few mutated survivors of the very disaster that forced you into the pod in the first place?

Surviving The Big One might mean an even slower, way more painful death not long after.

As for me – I’ll take option A.

I’ll invest my money in the world we have now then when The Big One happens, I’ll cross what’s left of my fingers and hope that I experience a [relatively] painless and interesting death.

But if you are looking to feed your fear and toss money into the Extreme Survivalism Toilet – you can find them here.

Lotsa luck.