Art is in the eye of the beholder.  And I despise censorship.  But it must have been very funny sitting in on the committee meetings ticking off the go-ahead for this sculpture to be installed above the Kings X overpass next to the giant iconic Coca Cola sign.

Is Shits On Stix the greatest absurdist piece of [f]art that Marcel Duchamp or any of the Dada-ists could have ever dreamed possible?

Or is it a colossal comment on the quality of food in the area – turds on chopsticks?

I, for one, love dining out in Darlo and choose to see this deliciously absurd scupture as ART – with a savage sense of humour.  I love this giant joke so much, I often urge people to meet me at the most identifiable place in Potts Point – under the SOS.

It was funnier a while back though – the grey paint happened some time after the installation.

Shits On Stix was originally brown.