This is a documentary called Buck, about Buck and narrated by Buck.  

The trailer alone is so deeply moving, I called the distributor immedately and said I have to interview this man.  

When I sat with him in a hotel room, camera rolling, I was in a kind of peaceful awe.  It’s that feeling you get when you know you are meeting not just a talented professional (as terrific as that is) but a truly remarkable soul who is a great example of how to live, how to be, how to love and how to give.

This documentary about his life and what he does is so enthralling, it creates internal shifts within people who see it that in turn, make them better people for it.  That’s what puts this film into a very special and rare category.

Buck is the original horse trainer who inspired the movie called The Horse Whisperer starring Robert Redford who tells an amazing story about what Buck did with the horses on set.

But Buck doesn’t just train horses to be obedient to humans.  In his words, he is less involved with helping people with horse problems and more about helping horses with people problems.

His warm, calm voice is steady and kind and belies the brutal childhood he endured – not unlike the old way they used to ‘break in’ horses which invloves repeated flogging as a form of domestication.

My interview with Buck can be seen on Movie Juice 6pm Thu Feb 6 on channel 415 STARPICS and 8pm on 416 STARPICS 2 with both HD channels too.  The film is in cinemas same day.

Please go and see it.  Find out why it won the Sundance Audience Award and why it’s worth a look by checking out the trailer here: