…she’s better.

Some people / reviewers/ critics are saying Cameron Diaz’s latest character Elizabeth Halsey is selfish and unlikable.  Who cares?  We don’t go to the movies to like everyone on screen.  It’s fun to experience a range of emotions toward a range of characters.  Why stick with the one flavour of anything?  Sure have a favourite but don’t only have that favourite.  That’s what boring people do.

Elizabeth Halsey is bored but not boring.  She’s a great example of a human being with a lot of potential living half a life.  She’s a teacher with lessons to learn.  (It’d be good for the students if she learned how to be a good teacher but hey – that’s all part of it.)  She’s also a great example of what not to be.  I’ve kept a couple of ‘friends’ in my life and they’re people I don’t particularly like anymore but they serve as a reminder of who I don’t want be.  I don’t care if that sounds selfish.  It can be just as selfish to cut people off just because they’re not the way you want them to be.

So – back to Bad Teacher.  Like Bridesmaids, it celebrates the darker side of feminine nature with comedy.  It’s a coming-of-age story to an extent and an education plot to some extent as well.  It’s also a showcase of Cameron Diaz – she’s in her mid-30s, she’s still got it and she can still flaunt it.  The standard male fantasy sequence of a slow motion carwash in hot pants and high heels made me wonder if Michael Bay had directed Bad Teacher but with no massive multiple explosions – and having an actress in the lead role I realized nah – couldn’t be Mr Bay calling ‘action’ and ‘cut’.

I liked Bad Teacher partly because I’m a Cameron Diaz fan and because being female, I really get a kick out watching movies with girls behaving badly.

Bad Teacher is popcorn movie that has pop and corn but is worth a cinema ticket price.  Check out the trailer here: