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The 2014 Australian Budget and a fictional monster movie were both released in the same week on a public who was fully expecting them.

The juxtaposition of the two created Budgetzilla.

And we are to blame. 

FACT  Godzilla doesn’t lie.

He’s pretty clear about how he feels and what he’s going to do.

After he arrives in town, full of power, he begins tearing down infrastructure, scaring people with wild swipes at them, their families, the foundations of where they work and live and with as much compassion as a radioactive reptile can muster.

FACT  Abbotzilla does lie.

But whose fault is it that?  He took power on the strength of those lies.

It’s not his fault.

It’s ours.

If you give someone that much power on the strength of a promise – he’s the smarter reptile on the day.  Abbotzilla is smarter than us.  If you feel you are getting rorted by Abbotzilla, go to a mirror and point at it.  That’s who put you in this position.

FACT  Budgetzilla doesn’t care.

The single-minded justification of Budgetzilla is similar to that of a military or religious fundamentalist:

* ‘sacrifice a few for the many’ which of course, in Capitalist terms, the opposite is likely to be true.

* ‘Budgetzilla is terrorising you, the people, because you, the people, elected Labour for 10 years and we had to bring in some big Budgie Thugglers to clean up that mess you, the people, elected to that other party to make on your behalf.’

* ‘We all need to have this financial surgery with no anaesthetic (no longer covered by Medicare.  Just bite down real hard).’

* ‘Tighten your belt around your neck just enough to keep working until old age illnesses set in because it’s not about you – it’s about the future – our children.  You know, those self-righteous, self-serving little selfie-obssessed shits whose one authentic trait is they are constantly looking into the mirror of the lens and pointing and laughing.

See?  Gen Selfie is smart because they know how stupid they are.

Australians complaining that Abbott lied to them is like choosing a jailhouse as a holiday destination then blaming the governor for all the bars on the windows.

As if we didn’t know how this story was going to end…

What we call lying, pollies call diplomacy.  We foolishly agree to those definitions then blame them for getting away with conning us.

See?  It’s all in the hands – keep an eye on his hands – and don’t buy the open palm gesture at the end.


It’s a shame political assassination isn’t more common.

It’s a shame we can’t have a chat with the shark that was the last living thing to see Harold Holt alive or the smiling stingray assassin that took out Steve Irwin.


We are a gullible public.

We fall for the same trick every election time – then blame the victors for winning every time.

We let it happen.

We let ourselves be lied to. 

We’ve done it before. 

And we’ll do it again. 


Because we keep giving politicians power based on a promise which is not bound by any kind of contract that is binding or can be enforced.  All public servants should sign legally binding Employment Agreements with a clear reminder that they work for the people. 

I’m losing faith in us.  If we are too slack to make politicians sign a contract and remind them that they work for us – that the tax money is ours to be managed by them – not spent without consent – then hey, we deserve what we get.

The Australian public behaves like a victim bouncing between two domestically violent political houses with no way to break the vicious cycle.  We assume there are only two houses we can inhabit.

If only we lived in a country with enough freedom and resources to have a revolution and create a better, fairer system for all.

If only we weren’t so lazy and comfy in our own state-owned skins.

Australians often watch and laugh at the gullibility and ignorance of the US public.  The latest gobsmacking example is tragically funny.  It turns out Godzilla is real:

If you think that lot is a bit gullible and ignorant, go back to the mirror, point at it and keep laughing until it’s not funny anymore.

How many people would be happy with a $7 co-payment on a political assassination?