When I was first introduced to the mind, wit and commentary of stand-up comedian Bill Hicks in the mid-90s, I immediately felt my soul recognise a kindred spirit.

Then I found out he was dead.

It was comically tragic that the [mostly] unknown and unsung hero who showed people how to think for themselves by doing it himself – died of pancreatic cancer at age 32.

I could bang on about his genius, how other writer/performers have plagiarised him [the lowest form of theft] and raped his material for their own gain [you will like Dennis Leary less when you find out the truth behind ‘I’m An Asshole’ – it’s simultaneously ironic and the opposite of ironic] but instead, I’ll just create a video sampler of his work for you starting with the trailer for the award winning doco released in 2010 and screened at Popcorn Taxi Sydney Australia last night along wiht a Q&A with the filmmaker moderated by Popcorn Taxi Director Chris Murray: