When I first heard of The Lego Movie, I thought – meh.  Another toy cashing in on the big screen.  

But the story idea rumoured in 2012 had legs.  It sounded kinda good.  

I’m not a cynic but I was surprised.  

It’s about average guy Emmet – a law abiding, harmless blockhead.  A case of mistaken identity and mistaken ability sees him drafted into a heroic quest for which he has pretty much zero chance of success – saving the world.

Or – is he the one blockhead to rule them all?

Voices you might recognise include Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson, Elizabeth Banks [at first I thought it was Scarlett Johansson] and the unmistakable voice of Morgan Freeman.

The preview below gives you a feel for the humour and the humanity of this blocky 3D comedy in cinemas early 2014.