Santa Claus has a heap of movies made about him and his life – the least cheesy and most outstanding would have to be Billy Bob Thornton in BAD SANTA and lots of people are very excited he’s agreed to do a sequel.

But the Easter Bunny hasn’t had a lot of silver screen attention.

Easter films are traditionally about the execution of a kind-hearted hippy who was such a giving, generous helper-monkey, he even offered to carry his own cross to his own funeral.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he offered to hammer in the nails himself too cos that’s just the kind of guys he was.

So HOP is out in cinemas for the Chocolate Holiday and the rebellious Bunny who lives on Easter Island and doesn’t want to take over the family business of delivering Easter treats worldwide – he wants to be a drummer in a rock band and he’s a really good drummer.  So he runs away to pursue his dream and lands in the lap of James Marsden who’s also having daddy issues and struggling to come to terms with his professional future.

Here are a few great reasons to see this film on the big screen.

1                     KIDS LOVE IT
I took 3 guys with me – a 9 year old, an 11 year old and their dad.  The kids liked it.  He wasn’t too fussed.  But hey – it isn’t aimed at his demographic

2                     THE SCRIPT IS PRETTY GOOD
I laughed out loud several times – I think because any English accent is so damn funny when it’s coming out of a critter’s mouth.  There are some great vids below that beautifully illustrate my point

3                     RUSSELL BRAND IS CONTAINED
Not sure I like this so much but hey – it’s a kid’s movie so he had to rein it in a bit

4                     HANK AZARIA
This wonderful actor who played Agador in THE BIRD CAGE and voices many SIMPSONS characters is the voice of Carlos and the dancing addict Phil.  They are ridiculously cute

5                     JAMES MARSDEN
He is a sensational actor with a very animated face without going overboard like Jim Carrey.  And that smile is irresistible.  Hard to imagine he didn’t even get to work alongside Russell Brand considering the movie is all about them and they’re in most scenes together

Seamless and superb from a production point of view.  I totally bought that James Marsden was hanging out with a talking rabbit who’d run away from home

7                     THE HOFF
The ‘actor’ who turned being a wanker into a business and [arguably] an artform just keeps on doing exactly that

8                     PHIL THE DANCING ADDICT
Everyone should have a friend like Phil.  Everyone should feel like Phil from time to time and do what Phil does on a regular basis.  Phil is a reminder to have fun no matter what you’re doing – and enjoy giving in to your desires when they take hold!

Here’s the trailer for HOP along with the youtube clips that illustrate just how perfect English accents sound when they are coming out of the mouths of animals…


HOP TEASER – superb drumming: