Director – Ariel Schulman & Henry Joost
Stars – Yaniv Schulman [you’ll have to see it to find out who else is in it]


I don’t want to say for fear I may spoil the experience of seeing this film completely ignorant of what’s it’s about which is the best way to see it.  That’s why the next part of this review is tricky…


1        This film is engaging, powerful and profound if you obey the first rule of Fight Club:  Dont Talk About Catfish.

2        It’s real life story makes the twists and turns a little less predictable.  Of course – this only applies if you obey the first rule of Fight Club Catfish.

3        We are reminded that deception in love is not new or modern.  Hey – Shakespeare made a career and a legacy out of writing about it.

4       It’s great to see a reality doco that has more to say and provokes more thought and feeling than just ‘you’re fat and watching you lose weight is entertainment’.

5       The compassion exhibited by the filmmakers is a lesson to us all – do the opposite to what anyone on Jerry Springer would do and maybe the world would be a nicer place.

6      Yaniv’s teeth – they’re perfect to the point of perversion and without looking dentally enhanced.

7      The scene where he’s reading out his sext messages as he just dies of utter embarrassment at how cheesey and cringey love can be.

8      I really enjoyed finding out the profound meaning of the title Catfish.  It all makes sense.


A great first feature from a small team of family and friends that stirs up thoughts and emotions in a good way.  Doesn’t need a second viewing but going into a first viewing with no previous knowledge is the best way to enjoy it.  I tried to be as careful as I could with my review.