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Being a versatile screen and media professional with a broad background means I have a cache of real world anecdotes from behind the velvet ropes of fame and infamy. I’ve interviewed 500+ people ranging from Oscar winners – Morgan Freeman and Tarantino to CEOs, scientists, ordinary people doing extraordinary things, mercenaries, pirates in prison, politicians, assorted eccentrics, even the odd criminal and got a backstage pass to the front line of the Middle East war.
I have inspirational and practical ‘how to’ anecdotes about making a documentary on dementia during two COVID lockdowns. A surprising upside was fundraising became easier. On various film and TV sets, I earned a nickname, ‘The It’s Still Good’ Girl’, for my optimism and ability to turn a negative into a positive.
A career highlight was ghostwriting the autobiography of Lorraine Wood, CEO of South Pacific Private (Australia’s only equivalent to the Betty Ford Centre) which changes the lives of all who read it.
A bonus of working with me is I offer optional audio-visual content that can add colour and value to your conference or event. I continue to write scripts, books and craft stories for print and screen content while lecturing in production and film analysis, nurturing emerging filmmakers.

Speaker | MC Profiles


You can find my profiles on ICMI, Finders Speakers and acta. Past clients and events are listed below. Please get in touch direct via the Contact page or button below and we can discuss your event date/s, topics and budget.

Clients & Gigs

  • MC – The 2019 Australian Fraud Awards (AFAs) – Pier One Sydney Harbour
  • MC + Q&A Panel Moderator – Nestlé NAN Toddler Milk Drink event 2019 – Sydney Opera House
  • MC + Q&A – Creative Women in Conversation – International Women’s Day 2019 (NSCC)
  • Presentation of my own documentary / VR research at the Screen Studies of Australia & Aotearoa/New Zealand (SSAAANZ) Conference at Monash Uni 2018
  • Presentation of my own documentary / VR research at Dial S for Screen Studies conference 2018, UNSW
  • Q&A Panel – Madhattan feature documentary event 2018 (NSCC) Dir: Caroline Constantine ACS
  • MC offis 2016 eClub + Q&A with special guest, Amazon’s Futurist, HB Siegel (previous: Pixar, Lucasfilm / Industrial Light & Magic)
  • MC Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) NSW and ACT Awards with special guest, award-winning actor, Michael Caton 2016
  • MC / Moderator – Australian Cinematographers Society SMPTE Panel event 2015 – Creative Collaboration: TV Drama
  • MC – Skunkmonk panel event 2015
  • Panelist – Age Of Adaline screening + Q&A event 2015
  • Keynote Speaker – SAE Graduation Class Of 2014 – Seymour Centre, Sydney
  • MC – eClub Xmas Speakers Event at Cockle Bay 2014
  • MC – SpinalCure Gala Oscars Luncheon 2014
  • Host + Q&A Media Room 2014 AACTA lunch + awards ceremonies – interview award winners
  • MC + Moderate Q&A Panel – Skunkmonk panel events
  • Co-Host with Rodger Corser – 2013 Oscars SpinalCure Gala Lunch
  • MC – A VIP Audience With George Clooney – Global Leadership Forum
  • MC – Forces Advisory Council Entertainment [FACE] – 12 events in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Guest Speaker – Futuro Investment Group – visual presentation of what I saw at the Middle East war
  • MC + Q&A Panel Moderator – Australian Cinematographers Society State and National Gala Awards
  • Kodak Q&As with Oscar-winning filmmakers – Q&A with Oscar winning cinematographers
  • Co-MC – Andrew Gibbs 3 Decades Gala Birthday – Hayman Island (private function)
  • MC – Garvan Institute Ball
  • MC – Wesley Mission Awards

Lecturer | Academic | Mentor

As a lecturer, I facilitate workshops in film analysis and screen production at SAE Creative Media Institute, nurturing web series, docos and short films from concept to festival release.

In the past, I’ve designed and delivered masterclasses and short courses for UTS InSearch and the New York Film Academy.


I’m also engaged in academic research and present at conferences that explore aspects of screen and immersive production. This includes delving into the education process for existing and emerging filmmakers.

Right now, I’m preparing a PhD proposal on the rise of the impact producer as a contemporary crew role and alternate funding pathways for storytelling content.

Feedback on my master’s thesis from 1 of 2 examiners

Feedback on Masters thesis from 1 of 2 examiners