Mad Menology 301 – Promax Winner 2012

The Brief: distil 5 x 12 hour seasons of Mad Men into 5 x 2 minute fast and funny interstitials that anyone could understand even if they have never seen the show and get them excited about seeing season 6:

Flickerfest On Extra

A series of segs I wrote / produced / presented to showcase upcoming episodes of the doco series about Flickerfest – Australia’s only Academy Award® accredited short film festival:

AFI Month Of Movies – Intro

The Brief:  Devise a fresh way to present 31 well-known movies and give fun reasons for viewers to watch them all over again on TV.   This is #1 of 31:

Zooby Zooby Zingers

I gathered the best insults in Mad Men Season 5 eps 1+2 and produced a segment using the 60s classic song to which Megan danced for Don at his birthday bash.  The song had already gone viral online within minutes of the show screening in the US so capitalizing on that seemed like a good idea:

The Original Chopper Read Interview

I found this tucked away with some 1″ tapes from my Hard Copy days.  In the 3 years the show was on Network 10, this was the only Australian story to make it onto the US version of Hard Copy in prime time news.  Later, Oscar-nominated director Andrew Dominik cast me as myself in the AFI-award winning movie starring Eric Bana.  The real Chopper Read is an interesting, colourful character:

The Tangled Interview

The Jason Bateman & Vince Vaughan Interview

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