Rare Brett Whiteley artworks were discovered in a Canadian storage facility.

Pop Art changed my life as a teenager.  I already studied and loved art – my dad was an artist – then I saw Pop Art – the celebration and satirization of pop culture.  Are we revering advertising as art – or is there true art in advertising?  These questions and many more can be explored now Australia’s largest Pop Art exhibition is on with works from 35 museums and private collections.  Warhol, Lichtenstein are among the greats including Mike Brown who created Hallelujah (pictured below) in 1965 then was arrested for obscenity when he showed it in public.  He was sentenced to 6 months hard labour – later commuted to a $20 fine (a lot in those days for a struggling artist).

Totem is the story of the evolution of humanity from amphibian to flight performed by one of the greatest circus troupes on the planet – Cirque de Soleil.  Here’s what to expect from the show:

It was great to workshop with the inspired SAE students and our future cinematic storytellers.
Focus: factual and documentary.
Big thanks to Dave Crowe , Mark Parry , Stephen Rangott and Liron Gilmore.