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Red Handed short film scripted by RB wins Silver Remi Award in USA
May 2017
I scripted a short film based on a stalker incident in the 1990s before Australia anti-stalking legislation was passed (I reported the first Australian conviction under the new laws for 7 Nightly News).  I turned the film script into a play script that was staged by Short+Sweet - the world's largest short play festival - then producer Chris Ramos asked for the original film script and brought on director Tony Tilse. 

It's starting on the festival circuit and has won a Silver Remi Award at Worldfest - International Film Festival, USA

Here's the trailer and IMDB profile.

   Production Slate Underway

The genre project has grown teeth and claws - I'm up to act 3 of the script. 

Every Monday, I wake up and kill someone before breakfast.  It's a great way to start the week. 
Of the 13 characters who 'agreed' to be on board, only 3 are left. 
1 character is a bit of a favourite so sometimes I imitate Arnie in Commando (1985) and say something like, ‘I like you.  I kill you last'.

The post-modern transgressive mystery novel has 5 chapters draftedProgress will be updated here.

Red Handed short film scripted by RB wins Silver Remi Award in USA
May 2017
I scripted a short film based on a stalker incident in the 1990s before Australia anti-stalking legislation was passed (I reported the first Australian conviction under the new laws for 7 Nightly News).  I turned the film script into a play script that was staged by Short+Sweet - the world's largest short play festival - then producer Chris Ramos asked for the original film script and brought on director Tony Tilse. 

Here's the trailer and IMDB profile.

Connecting Artists With Albums To Market & Management
Feb 2017

Late last century, I had the privilege of working with the Yoram Gross Studio doing professional PR and personal PR for this internationally renowned creative family.  It was wonderful to return to the studio and see how Yoram's son Guy turned it into Church St Studios which is an artful,
inspired space with composers and artists creating great projects.  Scan the talent list working there including Sean Carey and Guy's impressive list of awards and credits.

 We all met to explore how recording artists with a completed album could go to the next level - management and
 marketplace presence.

 Does the workflow and / or platform currently exist?
 If so - who are the key players?

 If you have ideas and want to contribute - get in touch.

  The Renée Brack Radio Show - working title only

   Feb 2017
   I'm getting up to speed with panel, desk and software management in March with an interview, news and music program to follow.

  "It will be the biggest short film festival on the planet in 4 years."
Feb 2017
A brave statement from a humble man who does what he says he will do.  Mark Cleary started S+S early this century and made it into the world's largest short play festival with the mantra of 'making the world a more creative place 10 minutes at a timeWe've talked about a S+S Film Festival for a few years - now it's arrived with the first gala finale in Hollywood later this year.  It was my great pleasure to be one of the judges of festival 1,heat 1.

How The Professional Becomes Personal & Rewarding
Feb 2017

We work, we make money then there are all the bigger and better reasons for doing anything.  I was reminded of that when I received this email:

Just Noticed 1 Million+ Views Of My Channel
Jan 2017

Made Me An Offer I Couldn't Refuse
Jan 2017

Seeing the email with the first word 'Congratulations...' a couple of tears burned the back of my eyeballs. 
I'm elated to start my MCA (Master Of Creative Arts) research degree with this world class university.
  This is the step before a doctorate. Close friends know the 4 day weekends in 2016 I devoted to researching and re-writing the application alone. There are some talented academic and production visionaries who gave me great support, advice and guidance. I'd like to name names but most are quite shy and I don't want to embarrass anyone. On the other hand, if I'm wrong and you'd like a #LaLaLand acknowledgement with relevant emojis - let me know.

Rapt To Be A Juror For FlickerUp
Jan 2017

School-age filmmakers vie for awards and prizes at Flickerfest - the internationally acclaimed short film festival that is Academy® accredited.
It is my 3rd time being a juror for FF having judged the International and Australian categories in recent years.

Gets Made Again
Dec 2016

I wrote a film script about a real-life experience with a stalker (coincidentally, I also covered the first prosecuted stalker case under the new stalker legislation back in the 90s for Seven Nightly News) The film script became a play produced on stage for Short+Sweet then became a film produced by Chris RamosI tried to upload the original Stalker Tapes to my channel but youtube prevented it.

Slicing & Dicing My Feet

Dec 2016

Foot surgery aka Bilateral Excision of Morton's Neuroma.  IE a big fat tumour on a nerve in each foot . 

Love & Addiction Published & Released By Impact Press
Dec 2016

In 2015, South Pacific Private CEO, Lorraine Wood approached me to ghostwrite her autobiography.  I devised a system of gathering information, drafting, editing and delivery of words in order to meet deadline .  I did it with 1 hour to spare.  It's an extraordinary story of 20th century survival, prosperity and loss with valuable life and corporate anecdotes that will resonate with readers and be lessons for some, too.  I'm keen to implement my system again for book projects and have been invited to conduct seminars on 'how-to' for people who want to tell a corporate story or create a family legacy.

HB Siegel & The Upside Of A Plane Flying Upside Down
Dec 2016

I MC-d the annual offis eClub event at a stunning Sydney harbour view location and was delighted to introduce futurist, technologist, Amazon and IMDB IT guru as well as a history with Pixar studios, HB Siegel.  He's an extraordinary talent who demonstrated a technique that is quite a few levels above brainstorming to generate ideas that propel a business forward.  It has to be experienced to get a real understand of it and I got to do that!  Any questions - get in touch.

An EP Credit With SAE Creative Media Institute
Dec 2016

It was great to work alongside talents Mark Parry and Brad Crawford in the documentary studio unit and be part of the trials and triumphs of realizing major projects on screen.

    Australian Cinematographers Society Ignites The Screen With The Best Of The Best
Nov 2016

I MC-d the ACS's Annual NSW/ACT Awards in Sydney and was floored by the standard of work once again.  DOPs, continue to be one of Australia's greatest contributions to the global arts, commercial and news platforms.  It's always a joy to be a part of this tightly-sprocketed crew who keep a calm, problem-solving vibe happening - even when a main meal plate and all smashed a teleprompter screen
No-one missed a beat.  Someone missed a main!
Photo Credit - Clare Thurkett

Another Bucket List Item Ticked - I've been Quoted In A Rap - Twice
Nov 2016

I got an email  from Jip de Beer's Rapping Reviews and it said:

As part of my Rapping.Reviews art project I have quoted the following part from your IMDb review of I'm Still Here: "That's bad.".

I thought it would be fun to make a rhyme with it! Hence I picked a second phrase from a review of I'm Still Here which rhymes to "bad". I actually let the computer do this automatically and the result is a rhyming computer generated rap battle review of I'm Still Here, of which you are the co-writer! I've obviously given you credit for writing your part of the lyrics. You can check out the rap battle music video, starring your sentence, here.

I've actually quoted you more than once. In total you've been quoted in 2 rap battles.

These are the other raps in which I've quoted from your reviews:  Red Dog -
"This dog made Che Guevara look like he didn't give it his best shot."

   My Voice Is Available @Blackbox
   Nov 2016

It's great to have a profile with Blackbox for documentary narration, educational modules, commercial and business productions.  This expert outfit is run by Mark Kennedy and Marion Just.  Looking forward to a chatty year ahead!

Veteran's Film Festival - The Military On Screen
Nov 2016

Honored and humbled to be a juror for the military-themed Veteran's Film Festival. Extraordinary, emotion-driven films ranging from PTSD impacting the idyllic life of the family of a returned soldier to the tragi-comic cartoon of a tortoise that had a battle line drawn across its shell and could not put a foot right with all the shelling aimed at him.

Achieved A Couple More Certifications
Nov 2016

I can add Practitioner Training & Assessment certs to the trophy cabinet.

Chatting With Jon Favreau - He Will Become One Of The Great Classic Directors
Apr 2016

It was a joy to catch up with director Jon Favreau whose on and off screen work I love since he did Made and Swingers.  What he's done with Disney's The Jungle Book is take a classic animation and breathe real life with 3D and CGI into the jungle characters.  

Here's my blog and if you're in a hurry - check out the side by side trailers for the 2967 animation and the 2016 live action/CGI:

The Warmth & Heart Of Melissa McCarthy

Mar 2016

Some time spent at the Sydney premiere of The Boss with comedy star Melissa McCarthy and equally comically talented husband, Ben Falcone proved they are a real team in the true sense of the word. You might remember him as the reluctant guy on the plane up against the advances of McCarthy in Bridesmaids.  He directs The Boss and they co-star.  It's a  fictional re-telling of sorts of the Martha Stewart insider trading scandal - and the attempted resurrection from the media bonfire.  The film abounds with McCarthy trademarks - bad wigs and physical comedy stunts.

Candid Interview Reveals The Heart Of Tennis Star Maria Sharapova

Jan 2016

Thanks to iSentia, I joined the willowy, confident Maria Sharapova in the beautiful Eureka Bar & Skydeck for an interview about family, leaving Russia as a 7 year old for a Florida tennis camp and the things in life that are valuable to her.  We also played a game of '20 Questions In 100 Seconds' which was very revealing :)

See all video and articles at Porsche's Woman With Drive site here + here's a sample => 

Star Wars Fan Event & Premiere 
Dec 2015

Arguably the biggest film of the decade - Star Wars The Force Awakens.  I produced with a great crew - shooting content for global social at the Sydney Opera House Fan Event - now gearing up to produce segs for Disney of the December 17 premiere in Aust (Dec 18 for the rest of the world).  

Luke Who-walker?  Promotion for the latest film is all about Han Solo aka Harrison Ford.

A highlight for me was the DJ who looked like the offspring of a Blues Brother mating with a Stormtrooper.

Offis eClub - Are You The Innovator Or The Disrupted? 

This MC gig gave me the great opportunity to interview the legendary Ron Cobb - the filmmaker and political cartoonist who contributed to numerous productions including Alien and Back To The Future - then I moderated a panel of industry disrupters with spirited audience Q&A.

Isentia - Mission Australia

A family of 4 volunteered to live in their car for a week and be filmed with multiple cameras to highlight the plight of homeless families.  My job was to interview them about what's it's like the effect it had on their relationships and ability to perform at work.  It was emotional and gut-wrenching.  The campaign was a success with more than 4 million views in total for all the segments created.  Here are a couple:

Disney - Inside Out premiere

The gig was to produce sizzle and social segs with interviews of actress Amy Poehler & director Pete Docter.  This film is a strong contender for the 2016 Oscars.

Offis ISV Speakeasy
Sep 2015

Another great event I MC-d  for Offis.  The audience is made up of digital disruptors, agencies and cutting edge technologists.  O introduce gustiest speakers than moderate a spirited panel discussion followed by an open mic Q&A with the audience.

Australian Cinematographer's Society - Northern Territory Awards
Sep 2015

It was an honour, a privilege and fin to MC the ACS NT Awards - loads of talent at the Top End!

Left: DOP Don McAlpine (Romeo & Juliet, Predator, Mrs Doubtfire) 
Right: DOP Geoff Burton (Blessed, The Sum Of Us, Flirting)

The Joy Of Sailing & Writing About Sailing

After Ocean Media published my story on Miss Minx (see bottom of this page), I was commissioned to write a series of 5 features under the series banner of On The Water.

I attained Competent Crewing with Pacific Sailing School
.  It's like learning to drive a car when you're a teenager.  Takes time for it to be fluid and second nature.  I look forward to that time :)

MC offis event - Skunkmonk - Living In The Age Of
April 23, 2015

I moderated a very spirited discussion with a high-tech panel of experts and a very vocal digital B2B audience.

If Going Viral Is A Goal, I Accidently Kicked It

After conducting a Masterclass with students at the New York Film Academy, a story I did for Hard Copy in the 90s found its way onto the front page of Reddit then the Facebook page Thug Life and went ballistic.
  Views were climbing at the rate of 1000 an hour.  Comments ranged from garden variety trolling to superb insightful commentary.

The Age Of Adaline - screening + Q&A
April 21, 2015

After the movie, I was in a Q&A with film expert Ben McEachen about Adaline and wider implications of immortality with audience contributions.

Skunkmonk by offis 
23rd April

I MC-d their quarterly event that explores a high end tech topic with partner business showcases on the night along plus food and drinks.  It's a great networking event for digital agencies with panel discussions recorded and available on youtube. 

MC - Keynote Speech for SAE Graduation Class Of 2015 
April 1st 2015

It's great to have the opportunity to inspire and motivate the next generation of audio wizards, visual artists, filmmakers and media specialists as they will be reflecting, exploring and delivering content about our world to help us define our place within it.

Ghostwriting An Autobiography / Memoir 
March 2015

Have signed on to ghostwrite an autibiography for Australian icon of wellness, Lorraine Wood.  This extraordinary woman created South Pacific Private - Australia's only equivalent to the renowned Betty Ford Clinic and each year, helps thousands of people into recovery from addiction.  It's a privilege and an inspiration to be interviewing her, hearing her stories that span the Great Depression to the present time and learning valuable insights about life itself.  I'm seeking a publisher now as a I write the book so stay tuned.

Movie Juice on Network Ten Gets Season 2

And that means more work for me!  I continue to source news, put an editorial spin on it, gather assets and edit on Avid.  Wasn't that a baptism of clunky fire after Apple's FCP.  But a couple of key tips by master-editor Phil Lamont and the penny dropped.  Now, I feel avid about Avid (still miss FCP though).  Movie Juice premieres on ONE 10.30pm Tuesday nights with plays across channels during the week.  Social media handle is

At Cate Blanchett's House I Saw...
February 2015

Interviewed Cate about How To Train Your Dragon 2 with the director.  Jeffrey Katzenberg put in a big pre-Oscar campaign to win the top animation award - which went to Big Hero 6.  Feedback from Katzenberg via a colleague at an Australian TV network was that I was a sensational interviewer.  I would donate an ovary to science fiction to be interviewing again as I've done it all my life since university and it's still my favourite thing to do.  I love people's stories and making them feel comfortable telling them.  I must explore more opportunities in this arena.

Oh yeah - in Cate's study, I saw all her major award statues.  They were on a low shelf of a book case - the second shelf from the floor.  I thought this was great and asked the housekeeper if Cate put them there so her children could see them and touch them.  She wasn't sure but thought it was a lovely idea.  I do too.  Cate has a lot of incredible, valuable  art - floor to ceiling.  It was a joy just to sit and appreciate it all while the shoot was set up inside.

Script To Screen - Red-Handed

I wrote Red-Handed as a short play (produced and performed at Newtown Theatre as part of Short+Sweet) and I wrote a film script version - now it's being produced with Simon Lyndon (Chopper) and Nastassja Djalog.  It's a story of how far one woman has to go to stop a stalker and the dire consequences for all.  It's based on a my own experience.  The film version is in post-production now.  Excited to see it on screen soon.

Offis eClub & Xmas Party
Dec 4th 2014

My final MC gig for the year is the offis eClub Xmas Party.  It was a superb event with great guest speakers giving us a glimpse into the future of cloud services.  While many providers are looking to the sky - offis is looking into space.  If you are wondering what the next storage move is going to be for businesses - ask offis.  
They know ;)

Excited to start work on the new Movie Juice
Nov 17, 2014
screening weekly on Network 10 then plays across their network of platforms.

Selected to be a director in 2015 Short+Sweet - the world's largest short play festival
Oct 26, 2014
Out of 74 scripts, I chose a Brit-flavoured comedy called Star Power by New York writer Ted Wenskus.  Casting has begun.  Performed in February 2015 - more details to follow as rehearsals get underway.  More info here.

Did a fun interview with Justin & Lana of The Vibe Radio Show - 88.3 Southern FM.  
Oct 19, 2014
Turns out Justin was a big fan of Hard Copy.  This is the podcast.

Pop Art, Totem by Cirque de Soliel plus a great scoop for my Art segment that goes live on ABC News 24 with news anchors Eliza Harvey and Andrew Geoghegan.
Oct 5, 2014

Rare Brett Whiteley artworks were discovered in a Canadian storage facility.

Pop Art changed my life as a teenager.  I already studied and loved art - my dad was an artist - then I saw Pop Art - the celebration and satirization of pop culture.  Are we revering advertising as art - or is there true art in advertising?  These questions and many more can be explored now Australia's largest Pop Art exhibition is on with works from 35 museums and private collections.  Warhol, Lichtenstein are among the greats including Mike Brown who created Hallelujah (pictured below) in 1965 then was arrested for obscenity when he showed it in public.  He was sentenced to 6 months hard labour - later commuted to a $20 fine (a lot in those days for a struggling artist).

Totem is the story of the evolution of humanity from amphibian to flight performed by one of the greatest circus troupes on the planet - Cirque de Soleil.  Here's what to expect from the show:

It was great to workshop with the inspired SAE students and our future cinematic storytellers.  
Focus: factual and documentary.  
Big thanks to Dave Crowe, Mark Parry, Stephen Rangott and Liron Gilmore.

Very chuffed to be made an Honorary Member of the NSW Branch of the Australian Cinematographers Society.  
Oct 1st, 2014
A brilliant group of some of the most talented and awarded filmmakers and visionaries on the planet.  Over the years, I've MCd awards events for the ACS as well as moderated panel Q&As.

PHOTO: with Dean Semler - won Oscar for Dances With Wolves:

I MC-d another high-end ISV Speakeasy at The Rocks for Offis - called 'UX For ISVs' with a focus on B2B.  
Sep 25, 2014
I also moderated a panel discussion with industry leaders in this field - Brennan Hatton came all the way from Silicon Valley to give the first Australian demonstration of the Meta1 Augmented Reality Glasses.
Meta was involved in creating the in-helmet experience of Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man - now they are making it a reality with a splash of Minority Report thrown in.  
I had a go of the glasses and got a glimpse into our future hands-on tech workflow.  
Instead of computer screens and a mouse/track pad - we'll be doing it like this:

Here's a video showing you more:

Feeling Drone love and lots of it.
Monday, Sep 22nd 2014
Look at the lovesick eyes I'm making at this piece of buzz-tech:

Photos: ColourByKristy

Voiceover for a Documentary
Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014
I narrated a doco about the experience of domestic violence and male victims.  Staggering stats with devastating personal stories.

I was asked for a less than 30 second vid that would sum up the experience of being interviewed by me
Wednesday, Sep 10th 2014
This is it:

Live segment on ABC News 24 Weekend Breakfast with news anchors Andrew Geoghegan & Eliza Harvey
Sunday, September 7th 2014  
Topics covered:

  • The Australian Life Photo competition
  • 'Michael Angelo' set in stone as 2 words on the Art Gallery of NSW (it bugs me every time I run past it but there's a good reason it's misspelled.)
  • That other famous Michael - Jackson and his sell-out Thriller Live theatre show coming to Australia
  • The Hordern Pavillion turns 90 and celebrates with a 12 band rock gig October 25.

Thursday, August 21st 2014
Very lucky to be invited on board the brand-spanking-new luxury yacht Miss Minx, got kitted up in the full crew outfit and raced around the Whitsunday Islands.  Magic :)

I pitched for a place in the Documentary Foundation's Workshop with my production 'The Dearly Demented' - and won.
Friday, August 15th 2014
But I was booked on a job that took me to Hamiliton Island Race Week :) so I had to decline my spot :(