Host | MC | Speaker | Q&A

As a host, MC, keynote speaker and panel moderator, I work with clients to create great moments that inspire and entertain.  

I can follow a brief or value-add with my own content relevant to your message.

I'd love to explore what I could bring to your event.


  • MC offis 2016 eClub + 1 hour Q&A with special guest, Amazon’s Futurist, HB Siegel (previous: Pixar, Lucasfilm / Industrial Light & Magic)
  • MC Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) annual NSW and ACT Awards with special guest, award-winning actor, Michael Caton
  • MC / Moderator - Australian Cinematographers Society SMPTE Panel event 2015 - Creative Collaboration: TV Drama
  • MC - Skunkmonk panel event 2015
  • Panelist - Age Of Adaline screening then Q&A event 2015
  • Keynote speech - SAE Graduation Class Of 2014 - Seymour Centre, Sydney
  • MC - eClub Xmas Speakers Event at Cockle Bay 2014
  • MC - SpinalCure Gala Oscars Luncheon 2014
  • Host + Q&A Media Room 2014 AACTA lunch + awards ceremonies - interview award winners
  • MC + Moderate Q&A Panel - Skunkmonk panel events
  • Co-Host with Rodger Corser - 2013 Oscars SpinalCure Gala Lunch
  • MC - A VIP Audience With George Clooney – Global Leadership Forum
  • MC - Forces Advisory Council Entertainment [FACE] – 12 events in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Guest Speaker - Futuro Investment Group - visual presentation of what I saw at the Middle East war
  • MC + Q&A Panel Moderator - Australian Cinematographers Society State and National Gala Awards
  • Kodak Q&As with Oscar-winning filmmakers - Q&A with Oscar winning cinematographers
  • Co-MC - Andrew Gibbs 3 Decades Gala Birthday – Hayman Island (private function)
  • MC Garvan Institute Ball 
  • MC - Wesley Mission - Awards Night

Being a versatile journalist with a broad background spanning 20+ years of TV, radio, print and digital means there are plenty of anecdotes about real world experiences, video content and images that can be included in events I host.

I’ve interviewed 500+ people ranging from Oscar winners - Morgan Freeman and Tarantino - CEOs, scientists, ordinary people doing extraordinary things, mercenaries, pirates in prison, politicians, assorted eccentrics and criminals - the most famous being Chopper Read.

Another career and personal highlight was getting a backstage pass to the frontline of the biggest war of my generation.  I temporarily enlisted in the Australian Defense Force and went to Afghanistan, Iraq and war zones such as the bombed Baath Party Headquarters in Baghdad.

I spent a few nights in Saddam Hussein’s Palace complex while it was occupied by the Coalition Forces and have lots of vision of a soldier's life on and off duty.  The Canadians built an ice hockey rink in the Iraq desert - with no ice. The games were intense on those 46 degree (Celsius) days.

A significant life event was being present for my dad's slow descent into dementia.  He was a gifted self-taught artist and pacifist.  I have some key tips for dealing with the difficulties of a loved one slipping away.  This is also part of my research focus for my Master of Creative Arts with UTS.

I'm also a keen foodie, have a long time and deep interest in the benefits of vitamins over medication as well as a great passion for art and culture.

Tales From Behind The Velvet Rope

Video material and true stories of meeting the famous, the fatuous and the fabulous.

The Middle East

Supporting material includes amusing, poignant and rare photos of life on military bases and how soldiers spend time and / off duty.  For example, the Canadians built a full size ice hockey rink in the Iraq desert – with no ice.  I thought I was on the set of Apocalypse Now

Themes can be tailored to your message.  Some are: know what you're fighting for - and - the art of choosing your battles.  

Inspirational Lessons From My Grandmother

This wise, quotable old lady gave great advice over the years with savage wit and provocative insights. 

A lesson in kindness:
‘You have a sharp tongue – be careful and not cut yourself.’

A lesson in appropriate conversation:
'Vulgarity is the garlic in the salad of taste – you only need a little but you must have a little.’

And a lesson about coping with death:
'Living without people is sometimes easier than living with them'.