A few facts:

  • I lecture in film analysis and production at SAE Creative Media Institute.


  • Have a slate of documentary, film and stories in development.


  • Also a frequent MC, Q&A panel moderator and occasional keynote speaker signed to Inspiring Rare Birds.


  • I do yoga, pilates and weights, am a keen foodie and get around on an electric scooter.


  • Ghostwrote the autobiography and corporate story Love & Addiction for Lorraine Wood, CEO of South Pacific Private.


  • Doing a Master of Creative Arts (Research) at UTS with a focus on the impact of immersion on emotion generated by poetic documentary.


  • Wrote, produced and directed several short films that have screened in various festivals.


  • My YouTube channel has racked up 1 million+ views.


  • Interviewed 500+ people ranging from Oscar-winners, CEOs, scientists, ordinary people doing extraordinary things – to the common garden variety criminal. Interviewing is still one of my favourite activities.


  • Got a backstage pass to the biggest war of my generation, spending time in Afghanistan and Iraq with the Coalition Forces. A highlight was camping in Saddam Hussein’s palace complex.


  • Written hundreds of articles, op-ed, commentary and blogs generating high metrics.


  • Have a profile on Blackbox Voice Productions site for voiceover and narration gigs.


  • Line produced a documentary, Pirates In The South China Seas for ZDF German TV, based in Singapore, shooting in the Philippines and producing out of Beyond International in Sydney.


  • Got a degree in Communications (Philosophy & Politics) then worked 20+ years in media writing, producing and hosting news, factual and documentary content for screen, print and digital platforms.








I may look busy…

…but I have time for appealing opportunities

so feel free to get in touch.

  • Wrote 2 plays produced on stage by Short+Sweet – the world’s largest short play festival. I turned my play Red-Handed into a film script which was produced by Chris Ramos.  I also directed a play for S+S.


  • A short documentary I did 25 years ago made it onto the front page of Reddit in 2017 and went viral with 1000 views an hour.


  • Started at Move Network Channels for a 3 month stint and stayed for 10+ years contributing as a writer / producer / host of 6 film-centric shows including 350+ episodes of Movie Juice.


  • Was making a quiet entrance into the world that turned into a news story. Mum was playing hockey and thrown to the ground when a teammate was struck by lightning and killed on the field.  Medical checks revealed mum was 5 months pregnant with me.  Turns out a meaning of ‘Brack’ is ‘lightning’.  It’s also the nickname for a bun containing dried fruit.


  • Dad taught me to write when I was 3 years old and I fell in love with storytelling. More than a profession, it’s something I do for fun.
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Awards | Achievements

Promax 2012 ‘Mad Menology’

Producer / Writer


Australian Defense Force – Recognition Of Contribution & Service
Tours: Iraq, Afghanistan, Solomon Islands


Honorary Member
Australian Cinematographers’ Society NSW Branch


Master Of Creative Arts by Research – UTS (in progress)


Bachelor Of Arts – Macquarie University – Mass Communications, Philosophy & Politics


Diplomas – Certificate IV

1) TAE 40110 Training & Assessment

2) Business Administration & Frontline Management


Robert McKee Seminars – AFTRS:

‘The Art Of Story’ (twice)

‘Thriller Writing’
‘Comedy Writing’


Michael Hauge & Steve Kaplan’s:
‘The Art Of The Romantic Comedy’


Dr Chris Stevens Seminars:

1)  Managing Creative Energy

2)  Managing Creative Colleagues


Chris Vogler Seminar– AFTRS:

‘The Hero’s Journey’


Ron Blair’s Documentary Writing– AFTRS:

‘From Information To Emotion’


Dov Simmens’ ‘Film School’