The 2013 Oscar presenters came and went in a pretty ho-hum way – until Ted appeared onstage with Mark Wahlberg.  What was so fascinatiing was how the CGI had him interacting seamlessly with every part of his environment.  Here’s how they did it:

It proves that VFX have come of age – when a stoner swear bear has the most artistically profound presenting gig in the biggest movie show on the planet.  The nominees in many categories also support the fact that VFX are now more widely recognised at award ceremonies.  But they have not quite arrived at the big table yet.

And some people are angry about the snub the Academy seems to uphold when it comes to the increasing contribution VFX make to storytelling.

This will change.  But for now, my mother’s words echoed, ‘it can be a lonely and unappreciated life – being a pioneer.’

I, for one, bless the work of the VFX artists who gave me The Lord Of The Rings on the big screen because this story was long-regarded as unfilmable.  The Tolkien story waited – just like The Ring – until technology caught up.  And one of the greatest stories ever told was able to be shared with a whole new audience.

See Gollum win an award here: