I think I just saw the most perfectly crafted film of the year [so far].  This kind of synergy doesn’t come along very often.  But Mirror Mirror has cracked it.  Every element of filmmaking is in sync and the resulting movie is magic.

Don’t believe any of the silly crap some people are saying about ‘cliches’ and a lack of ‘depth’ – it’s a modernization of a classic kids fairytale, it’s done incredibly well and it’s so funny.

Snow White (Lily Collins) is sweet and pure and innocent – but she is also feisty and smart and a quick learner when it comes to fighting.  So along with the Robin Hoodesque lead Katniss in The Hunger Games, we seem to be in an era of solid, strong roles for teenage women making Bella in Twilight look even more emasculated as a woman without balls can possibly look.  Bella is an object over which two males fight.  Snow White and Katniss can fight for themselves.

Armie Hammer brings the same kind of strong, comic energy to Prince Charming [aka Prince Alcott] that we saw Chris Hemsworth bring to Thor.  He’s a whole package with a package.  What else does a princess need in a man?  [Armie Hammer – that’s his real name too – it makes him sound more like a superhero than Thor.]

Julia Roberts joins an esteemed list of actresses who have played terrific queens – Helena Bonham Carter, Cate Blanchett, Helen Mirren – and in Mirror Mirror she co-stars with that brilliant theatrical queen, Nathan Lane.  I loved him The Bird Cage and in everything else he’s been in since.  He’s divinely talented with perfect comic timing.

But let’s not forget the seven dwarves lead by the guy who was Kramer’s best buddy when they were double dating and wearing identical shirts in Seinfeld.  These little dudes are updated from the original story and it works. 

In fact, if Walt Disney could see this 21st century version of Snow White, I think he’d be amazed and pleased.  If cryogenics does succeed in unfreezing him without exploding each cell in the process, he may live again to see Mirror Mirror!

One of the most interesting and surprising images is Snow While at the Gala Ball in the same kind of style as Bjork’s swan frock a few years back but this new pale-skinned brunette pulls it off beautifully.  Yes it’s true – you can wear a dead swan and wear it well.

Tarsem Signh’s direction is stunning, the sweeping orchestral soundtrack punctuates the mood of the moment with a restrained melodrama be-fitting the material and the production design is lush, lavish and luxurious.  Your eyes are in for such a treat!

Mirror Mirror will pick up plenty of award nominations in 2013 and will be the one to beat in terms of Best Costume.  The production design is divinely beautiful and the updating of the role of the magic mirror itself is worthy of visual effects award attention.

Here’s the trailer but don’t rely on this little video.  Go check out Mirror Mirror on a big screen from March 29 and you will indeed see it is the fairest of them all.