The first rule of MIB3D is:  Don’t Talk About The Ending
The second rule of MIB3D is:  Don’t Talk About The Ending

The other rule I like to follow is:  Don’t reveal what happens in a movie – talk about why people should or should not see it.  If you want to know what happens in a movie, pony up the ticket price, go see it and find out.

You should see MIB3D if you like:

– the first two movies
– Will Smith bouncing off a morbidly surly Tommy Lee Jones
– your sci-fi to be funny
– good 3D
– weaponry you wish was available in real life
– conspiracy theories
– Josh Brolin
– dead sexy costuming
– inventive aliens that make you wonder if your popcorn has been spiked with a psychotropic drug
– a villain with really intriguing dental work 

You should not see MIB3D if you don’t like:

– the first two movies
– Will Smith doing what he’s done before
– deadly serious science fiction being polluted with [ugh] humour
– 3D
– fantasy shiny weaponry that could not possibly work
– conspiracy theories
– the extreme convenience of a Neuraliser
– a low percentage of screen time devoted to spacey female flesh

I love the MIB franchise and shed a tear in the 3D film that is the third in the series.

Josh Brolin is one of the greatest male actors on the planet.

And a round of applause for Flight Of The Conchords kiwi, Jermaine Clement, who has done a terrific job as the Boglodite villain, Boris.

Another incredibly good actor is Michael Stuhlbarg who has taken a 180 degree turn from his Boardwalk Empire character, Arnold Rothstein, to become a pivotal freak in the funny freak show that is MIB3D.  

The theme music for MIB has been consistently outstanding and I might even invest in the soundtrack for this flick too.

I give it 3.5/5 alien thumbs up.  Here’s the trailer: