I went to Cambodia to visit my favourite charity – Free The Bears – and wrote a story about it for Get Up And Go Magazine.  

Free The Bears
 is an Australian organisation that rescues, cares for, protects SE Asian Bears.  

Look at that face!  And that paw!  It’s impossible to ignore the help they need to be free of cruelty.


Sun Bears and Moon Bears are exquisitely beautiful, very smart, constantly curious, very trusting and sociable – all traits that make them also easy to catch and enslave as pets or even worse – cut up while alive in restaurants to make Live Bear Paw Soup or confined to a cage for their entire lives being milked for bile.  

Check out the beautiful qualities these bears have and how playful they are with something as simple as a stream of water.

Prepare for cuteness overload =>

I volunteered as a Bear Keeper to learn about their lives and find a way I could directly help.   Raising awareness of being a Bear Keeper For A Day seems like a good way.  

If you go to Cambodia, please add this wonderful activity to your ‘Must-Do’ list. The USD$70 you pay gets you return transport to and from the sanctuary and your hotel as well as a local lunch.  The majority goes towards the upkeep of the rescued bears.  

Please message me for more information about this great day out.   

If anyone wants to come along I’ll be back doing it again September 2014 🙂