June 2017

This is the shortlist.I have seen all of these movies, some several times over and I love each of them for various reasons. THE LION KING                       LA FEMME NIKITA THE BEAR                               THE USUAL... Read More

April 2017

A client of BlackBox Voice Productions had audio-visual segments with non-professional narration and wanted to refresh the content with a professionally produced, polished voiceover. Read More

December 2016

This page is updated with links to some of my articles.Ocean Media - Sails and Offshore Magazine: 'Home & Away' 7 Star Luxury Catamarans With Ever-Changing Stunning ViewsI was happy to write the feature story but landing the cover is a bonus - especially for the incredible companies who contributed to the story.Q What's better than writing about lux cat living afloat?  A Skippering your own opulent vessel with friends around the 74 islands of the Whitsundays later this year.  Read More

August 2016

It’s the 50 year ‘anniversary’ of The Battle Of Long Tan that happened in August 1966 during The Vietnam War aka The 2nd Indochina War aka The Resistance War Against America aka The American War.Over centuries, imperialistic, war-mongering nations have tried to defeat and subjugate Vietnam. All have failed. Vietnam ‘won’ every war – if winning means being the last one standing.When I was in Vietnam, I checked out various war... Read More
Suicide Squad has some great lines, production design, costumes and 2 engrossing characters – Harley Quinn & The Joker. Their Bonnie-&-Clyde relationship is the heart and soul of the film but reflect more about power and control than anarchic freedom.  Oh, and big thanks to the rest of the characters for making up numbers at the BBQ.... Read More

July 2016

Tarzan is still portrayed as an oxy moronic 'sophisticated Neanderthal'.He’s an educated, urbane aristocrat who can get all physically Philistine in a loincloth and speak another language - Abbreviated English:‘Me Tarzan, you Jane.’ Read More
I was an innocent bystander to Ghostbusters.Now I am an eye witness to a crime against cinema. Who is the audience for this?Kids under 10 who love the sliming of stars at the Nickelodeon Awards? The 4 female... Read More

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